Sunday, March 18, 2012

2012 Third Base Sleeperz™

Third base is brutal this year in terms of uncovering fantasy value. Because the position is so thin, most third basemen have become overpriced or at best, fairly priced. Expect to pay a premium and feel free to reach for the guy you want. Or, you can squeeze just a little but of value out of the Sleeperz™ below.

All ADP values from ESPN. Analysis based on 5x5 roto, mixed, non-keeper 10 or 12-team leagues.

Emilio Bonifacio (ADP 172)
I'm not a big believer in Bonifacio's hitting skills, but his position flexibility and speed plays in roto leagues, and he could be batting second in an improved lineup. If he can keep up his improved walk rate from last year, he'll be a value. Consider him a steals specialist at a very thin position who can fit your team if you have power at other positions. Don't expect the same batting average as last year.

Mike Moustakas (ADP 199)
The most likely third baseman to take the jump to the next level. I'd like him better after pick 200 but the dearth of good third baseman has inflated his price. Classic post-hype sleeper, who I loved last year and was overshadowed by Eric Hosmer. Might need another year of seasoning at the major league level but should be able to at least equal Kevin Youkilis production, about a hundred picks later.

Mat Gamel (ADP 225)
Gamel has been a hot prospect for what seems like forever, but he is finally getting his chance as the starting first baseman (with 3B eligibility in fantasy). His problem has always been his glove at third base, which won't be an issue this year. He's done all he can do with the bat in the minors, he's out of options and the Brewers will be very motivated to stick with him.

Overrated at third base:
David Wright (35), Kevin Youkilis (90), Martin Prado (162), David Freese (185)

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