Sunday, March 18, 2012

2012 Second Base Sleeperz™


Howie Kendrick (ADP 114)
Getting no love from drafters after finishing last year as the 6th-ranked second baseman. Maybe it's because he doesn't stand out in any one category, but he's in his prime, contributes in every category and the lineup has improved around him. He'll give you similar stats to Brandon Phillips but 60 picks later.

Jason Kipnis (ADP 185)
What's not to love about Kipnis, he might be the steal of the draft at this ADP. Power and speed with a batting average that won't hurt you. He's young, so there's risk, but I expect at least a 15/15 season with a .270 average. His runs & RBI will determine the difference between him and Brandon Phillips or Ben Zobrist.

Jemile Weeks (ADP 194)
Rickie's little brother is a popular sleeper after hitting .300 last year with 22 steals in only 90 games. He finished ranked 12th among second basemen despite the short season. While he probably won't hit .300 and has very little power, he should hit .290 and swipe 30 bags. The Oakland AAA's lineup won't help his counting stats, but those steals really add up in roto leagues. Should finish the year as a top 10 second baseman but he's being drafted 15th.

Jose Altuve (ADP 237)
The poor man's Jemile Weeks. Worth a flier for your MI spot. After Altuve, the position gets really thin and you'll have to go with Aviles, Giavotella or Tyler Greene, who probably have no place in a 12 team mixed league.

Overrated at second base:
Brandon Phillips (ADP 53), Ryan Roberts (155), Dustin Ackley (171)

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