Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2013 Third Base Sleeperz™

Analysis based on 5x5 mixed roto non-keeper, all ADP values are from ESPN.

Aramis Ramirez, ADP 73
Are his stats going to be that different from Ryan Zimmerman, who's going at pick #50?  People might be down on Aramis because he's 35, but he's been extremely durable and consistent the past two years.

Todd Frazier, ADP 188
Don't believe the hype that he is a star in the making, but still some good value at this spot in the draft.  I expect Frazier's average to go down, but his other numbers should be just as good or better than last year. Have to like his park and lineup. Certainly he can equal or better Mike Moustakas, who is going at pick 156.

Kyle Seager, ADP 189
Gives you a little bit of everything and has some upside. Will have a better lineup around him this year.  I doubt he can hit more homers than last year, but at this pick he doesn't really have to.

Will Middlebrooks, ADP 196
Don't expect that .288 average from last year, but he's probably just as good as Moustakas or Frazier, at a cheaper price.

Josh Donaldson, ADP 260
Cheap power for your deeper league CI spot.

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