Thursday, February 25, 2010

What can you get for a dollar?

To me, $1 guys make or break your auction draft. Knowing how many $1 guys you like can determine your auction strategy. You can confidently go the extra few dollars for Albert Pujols if you think you can snag Wandy Rodriguez, Kendry Morales, and Rafael Soriano for $1.

Here are 27 players, currently listed at $1 or less by ESPN, that I wouldn't mind having on my team. Hitters and pitchers ranked in order of preference.

Cameron Maybin
Corey Hart
Edwin Encarnacion
Mike Napoli
Paul Konerko
Colby Rasmus
Marco Scutaro
Chris Ianetta
Coco Crisp
Magglio Ordonez
Chris Young
Drew Stubbs
JJ Hardy
JD Drew
Jermaine Dye (if starting)

Aaron Harang
Ben Sheets
Joel Pineiro
Octavio Dotel
Johnny Cueto
Erik Bedard
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Neftali Feliz
Derek Holland
Daniel Bard
Brad Penny
Derek Lowe


  1. I'd like to be a in a league that has these guys as $1 players. C'mon.

  2. Yeah, I don't know what's up with ESPN's dollar values but I have to get them from somewhere. Got any recommendations?

  3. I think ESPN will update their average dollar values when they update their ADP stats. Then again, these mock auctions aren't exactly the most solid data considering by the end of these auctions, it's all bots.