Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not Lastings Long in the Bigs

• Lastings Milledge has been demoted to AAA. This really made my day, as a buddy of mine outbid me for Milledge and even went so far as to name his team "The Milledge People". As all fantasy players know, naming your team after a particular player on the squad is always the Kiss of Death. Don't do it, people.

Yes, there is a logjam in the Washington outfield, but the fact that Milledge has been demoted after just one week clearly indicates the guy is still a head case. Rumor has it Milledge was late to several team meetings and the Nats are trying to send a message. Either that, or his dynamic brand of sweater-clad gangsta rap is taking off. Either way, fantasy owners should stay away.

If you are unlucky enough to have Milledge on your fantasy squad in a deep or NL-only league, you might have to stick with him and see what happens for a week or two. If you are in a ten-team mixed league, just cut him now. There should be plenty of replacements available.

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